Nos références

« RV Conseil, headed by Stéphane Rosenwald are very committed to the Competitiveness of Organizations. They have a strongly action oriented vision of Competitive Intelligence. Delivering sharp and relevant content, backed up by targeted examples, actual benchmark and efficient best practices together with excellent communication abilities make their contribution very useful. »

Jean-Philippe Riehl, Chief risk & crisis Officer. Member of the Board and member of the Executive Committee of AMRAE – The French Association for Corporate Risk and Insurance Management.


« Our ten year experience in market intelligence got a decisive take-off following RV Conseil’s mission. Their strategic and technical recommendations brought us increasing agility and performance in a very competitive environment. Thank you! »

Monique Duizabo, Market Intelligence Manager PMU – No. 2 global biggest company in horse race betting.


« Stephane is an expert consultant with an additional entrepreneur background. His consulting approach is both academic and pulled out from real life. Stephane has also developed a distinctive skill in Business Intelligence. »

Didier Chambaretaud, Management Consultant – TEDx La Défense, Alphadoz, IFA.


« In a closed market such as Luxury Watches, the pragmatic and systematic approach applied by RV Conseil, member of GIA, has proved to be very useful for us in organizing, structuring and sharing market information. A major asset in a time of major evolution and fundamental shifts in the industry.»

Cyrille Vigneron, France President & Europe General Manager – Cartier International, Richemont Group


« Stephane and I worked closely on a development model for special services when I was the president of Operation for Alliance-Hospitality, a company owned by Goldman Sachs and Westmont Hospitality, in the hospitality business. The assistance and advice I received from him at that time was of crucial importance; especially on competitive intelligence & Market insight. His clear vision of the customer problematics and mass market approach opened new horizons to me and gave me a broader perspective on the market and new profitable business ideas. Methodology, loyalty and honesty with a slice of special humor make Stephane someone I highly recommend to work with. He and his consultancy firm may be a great asset to any company. »

Eric CASTELNAU , CEO Culture & Compagnie


« RV Conseil have developed a very useful market intelligence set of solutions. By their experience, they deliver a very entrepreneurial  approach and efficient communication. »

Christian Coutenceau, Member of the French Business Intelligence Academy, President of the Advanced Technologies Group – HEC Alumni


« RV Conseil helped us to make a tremendous step into Data intelligence. Their guidance drove us to organize our procedures and systems to effectively face tomorrows’ markets. »

Nicolas Perrard, Program Director – Renault SAS


« A very professional approach to market intelligence : in our industry, where we dispose of heavy load of dispersed information on our markets and environments, RV Conseil helped us organize it and transform it into operational information, useful for decision making. »

Jean-Luc Pradal, Executive VP Sales & Marketing  GPN – Total Group


« Outstanding ability to understand Companies’ key issues, and to turn them into sources of value creation. RV Conseil significant know-how combined with their worldwide international network grant them a large vision and a 360° capacity to act. »

Marie-Annabelle QUILLON, Representative Development, Innovation and Transformation – Entreprises & Collectivités– GDF SUEZ