Nous avons développé depuis plus de 12 ans avec les plus grands experts mondiaux de la Stratégie, de la Competitive Intelligence, de la Gestion des Risques et de la Compliance…

… les Processus, Concepts et Outls permettant aux organisations d’optimiser la création et préservation de valeur par la bonne maîtrise de  “l’Information Compétitive Gnius ®.


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  • « RV Conseil, headed by Stéphane Rosenwald are very committed to the Competitiveness of Organizations. They have a strongly action oriented vision of Competitive Intelligence. Delivering sharp and relevant content, backed up by targeted examples, actual benchmark and efficient best practices together with excellent communication abilities make their contribution very useful. »

    Jean-Philippe Riehl Chief risk & crisis Officer. Member of the Board and member of the Executive Committee of AMRAE, the French Association for Corporate Risk and Insurance Management.

  • « Our ten year experience in market intelligence got a decisive take-off following RV Conseil’s mission. Their strategic and technical recommendations brought us increasing agility and performance in a very competitive environment. Thank you! »

    Monique Duizabo, Market Intelligence Manager PMU – No. 2 global biggest company in horse race betting.

  • « Stephane is an expert consultant with an additional entrepreneur background. His consulting approach is both academic and pulled out from real life. Stephane has also developed a distinctive skill in Business Intelligence. »

    Didier Chambaretaud, Management Consultant, TEDx La Défense, Alphadoz, IFA.